Online Music Collaboration

  • Skills Needed:
    UI Design, Usability, Web Design, Layout Design, Concept Design, Research, Flash, Photoshop

SONGSTORM: This online music creation collaboration is a design project CONCEPT that involves musicians and brainstorming. The website would provide the tools to help musicians create songs by collaborating with each other while socializing. The design is based on the idea of mind maps. This concept was designed for my thesis.

Thesis Statement: Provide an entertaining, enjoyable experience through a website or app that will help musicians connect in Vancouver.

Concept: Songstorm wiki (collective multilayered music creation; interactive website with realtime virtual jam). Opportunity for stripped down app for future phase implementation.

Review and comment from Nancy Wu, Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director

– Pablo, reviewing the great strides you made on the last phase of this project, I am impressed by the exploration and positive refinements you made towards completion. You made the effort to share progress/seek feedback via Tumblr and were prompt in getting me weekly progress files.

– The design of the final version is absolutely inviting, fun, colorful and not difficult to navigate considering all the content and sophisticated details or functionality. Choosing the less obvious route, you avoided something conventional or easy. You were courageous to challenge what is achievable in the given timeline and the creative process remained pleasantly unpredictable and organic throughout. I think there is still room for improvement in the way of typography and design details in order to further enhance navigation and readability.

– I appreciate that you continued to ask questions to learn/improve, and valued the feedback given and took it to heart—not just from me but also from your peers in the class, outside of class and/or mentors. On your own accord, you continued to adjust color palettes and typography in order to refine and strengthen the design of your final project. You weren’t stubborn or headstrong when taking criticism, taking it in to challenge yourself and expand your point of view where appropriate.

– The final presentation was well prepared, thorough and entertaining! The navigation and balance of graphic elements were sophisticated and clear. You went strong in the last leg of your project, pushing yourself in terms of making your deliverable clear to a first-time user, relevant and addressing your thesis statement. Writing web code and building support files so that the final deliverable had some operational interactive and scalable elements was MOST impressive! It was a joy seeing your project develop and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. You’ve demonstrated how hard work, relentless exploration, and taking advantage of what you know would yield great rewards in your creative development and the final product. Well done, Pablo!

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